Hi! I'm Memo!!!

I dont remember (or know) exactly how to do stuff here because im very new to learning html, so please be patient while I build this up. I want to make it really cool and interesting, but I think it's gonna take some time for sure...but heres my Bandcamp, I make music!.

I hope that after a long enough time I can turn this website into something really great for anyone that comes by. As I learn more and more about how to code, I would like to believe that somethinig like coding this webside can become almost therapeutic for me.

I'm pretty sure everyone on neocities is here for the same reason, but I'm really looking forward to reclaiming total creative control over my artistic vision and how I present myself online.

Twitter is cool and all, but realistically speaking, I'm not a big fan of having no real way to express myself outside of a quick bio or "[relateable tweet]". I think that It'll be cool having a way to really compile all of my work, thoughts, and personality in one space.

Maybe one day...I can even learn how to organize differen pages for new MEMODEMO games as I make them...that would be pretty neat

For the time being I have NO idea what this website is gonna look like, or even HOW I'm gonna make it look like anything, so if you for some reason find yourself on here now,,,hi! Theres no guarantee that this message will stay here in one piece! :)

For the time being, if you find yoursef here, maybe check out these spots before you go! They're much more fleshed out than this place for the time being!

Alright, that's it for tonight. I'm very sleepy so I'm gonna head to bed for now, goodnight website

(don't mind me, I'm just keeping these mini guidelines here until I memorize the keywords for changing text ;;)


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